Ntrights.exe is a Resource Kit utility that can be used to set user rights from a command prompt. Ntrights.exe can be used to manipulate the rights on either the local computer or a remote computer. The Help output for Ntrights.exe does not list all the logon rights that can be modified.

Following steps:-

1. Download Resource Kit Tools from here

2. Intall rktools.exe,it contains NTRights.exe.

3. Open cmd as administrator and run bellow command for Log on rights of Service on remote computer : -

C:\>ntrights –u domain\Administrator +r SeServiceLogonRight –m \\remotecomputer

If you are not using it then sometimes you might get following errors if you are using sc.exe to start remote Services.

1. [SC] StartService FAILED 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure.

2. [SC] StartService FAILED 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

Basic Syntax

NTRIGHTS +r Right -u UserOrGroup [-m \\Computer] [-e Entry]

NTRIGHTS -r Right -u UserOrGroup [-m \\Computer] [-e Entry]

     //   c+/-r Right        Grant or revoke one of the right.


     //   -u UserOrGroup  Who the rights are to be granted or revoked to.


     //    -m \\Computer   The Remote computer (machine) on which to perform the operation.

     //                The default is the local computer.


     //    -e Entry        Add a text string 'Entry' to the computer's event log.

The following is a list of logon user rights that can be modified by the NTRights utility:

User RightFriendly Name
SeNetworkLogonRightAccess this computer from the network
SeInteractiveLogonRightLog on locally
SeBatchLogonRightLog on as a batch job
SeServiceLogonRightLog on as a service
SeDenyNetworkLogonRightDeny access this computer from the network
SeDenyInteractiveLogonRightDeny log on locally
SeDenyBatchLogonRightDeny log on as a batch job
SeDenyServiceLogonRightDeny log on as a service

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